School management
Phone App

What can you do in just 5 minutes everyday on the phone app? find here!

Take attendance

Take attendance of students and staffs in less than a minute. Use attendance related reports.

Absent report

Send absent report to parents in 10 seconds.

Fees structure

Share student fees structure with parents. Display report of paid, due and coming fees installments to parents.

Fee dues reminder

Send fee dues reminder to all parents in one click. this will take less than a minute.

Fees collection reports

See fees collection reports on phone instantly. explore monthly, daily, class wise, transport, tuition fees instantly on your hand.

School events

Invite parents for school events. It's fun to invite them with phone app. this takes less than 2 minutes to write event details and share with parents.

School news, notices

Share school news, notices in one click with parents and students.


Invite parents for "parents teacher meeting". this is important for your school.

Exams dates

Publish exam dates to students. Principal, please send your "best of luck" wishes to students. students will be happy to see your best wishes.

Student birthdays

Celebrate student birthdays and send them your best wishes. Its fun to celebrate students birthdays.


Send homework reminders and holidays alerts.

Admin work

Approve leave of staffs on your phone app. There are many more to explore. START USING IT. It's easy to use, easy to setup, easy to start

Everyday 5 minutes on phone app!

Yes, You can complete at least 10 tasks every day.
Send school news and notices, invite parents for PTM and school events, publish holidays and exam dates, send fee dues reminder, send absent report to parents, take attendance of students and staffs. approve leave of staffs. It's all in 5 minutes.